Gravure Cylinder Society

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ATTENTION GAAmericas Members and/or Members of the Cylinder Society.  Information on nominations for the class of 2016 will be posted in early 2016.  You can click here to download and review the 2015 nomination form.

The Nominating Committee of the Society reviews all nomination applications. To allow ample time for the Society’s Nominating Committee to prepare its recommendations, the deadline for nominations is July 31, 2016.

Congratulations Class of 2015!

Inducted at the 2015 GAAmericas Technical Forum (L-R above): Kent Seibel, Ohio Gravure Technologies; Joe Wright, American Greetings; Carlo Rosso, Bobst Italia pictured with Cylinder Society President Hubert Metzger, Chema Technology

Addititional honorees will be inducted at the 2015 Print Media Conference November 17-20.

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Gravure Cylinder Society is an honorary Society founded in April 1981 by the Gravure Technical Association and Gravure Research Institute.

The Society was established to:

  • Permit the members of the Gravure Association of the Americas to honor those industry leaders who have made outstanding or extraordinary contributions to the Gravure Industry and the Gravure Association of the Americas and its predecessor organizations - Packaging and Label Gravure Association Global, Gravure Association of America, Gravure Technical Association and Gravure Research Institute.
  • Pay respect and appreciation to those whose vision, dedication and perseverance have been responsible for the growth of gravure from an accomplished and well-practiced craft to an International Industry of printing, publication, packaging, converting, specialty and gravure material and equipment firms.
  • Promote and perpetuate the good friendship and camaraderie that has developed among those whose devoted careers have make possible the continued growth, accomplishments and traditions of the Gravure Industry.
  • Support and promote through the individual and organized efforts of the members of the Society, the interest and well-being of the Gravure Association of America and the Gravure Industry.

Each year the Society nominates "...Industry leaders who have rendered outstanding or extraordinary contributions to the Gravure industry."

The Society meets at the GAA Annual Meeting and during the year members are involved in activities that promote and support gravure.

All GCS members are recognized by the distinctive pin they wear.

For more information on the Gravure Cylinder Society, contact Pamela Schenk.

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