The Gravure Education Foundation

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Gravure Education Foundation (GEF) is to promote and support educational development in gravure technology by raising and properly distributing money and resources to deserving educational institutions and students. By so doing, the Foundation will motivate and develop individuals with technical proficiency and leadership skills for the print communication industry.

Gravure Education Foundation:

In 1979, the founding trustees of the GEF recognized that ensuing technological change would continue to accelerate. New technology became a catalyst for changes in customer needs and demands and in competition in the print communications marketplace.

Gravure Education FoundationThose founding trustees agreed that the industry's next generation would require specialized training and education in order to manage and produce in the new business environment. Their foresight gave rise to the Gravure Education Foundation.

The GEF is dedicated to promoting and supporting training and educational development in gravure technology. In order to meet and exceed the demands of an ever-changing marketplace, we encourage and support programs that offer extensive instruction in gravure technology.

The Foundation has made steady progress since its inception in 1979, and we are proud of the support we provide for educational development in gravure technology. As we near the end of our fourth decade, the Foundation is strengthening its support by implementing new training and educational initiatives, and expanding its support of existing programs.

Board of Trustees  
Rod Sosa
Fres-Co Systems USA, Inc.

Todd Luman
Interprint, Inc.
Vice President

Jason Barrier
David Blais
Quad/Graphics, Inc.
Bernadette Carlson
Trustee Emeritus
David Coggins
LSC Communications

H.C. Cox, III
Trustee Emeritus
Peter Daetwyler
Trustee Emeritus
Mark Glendenning
Wayne Long
Flint Group
William Martin
Trustee Emeritus
Reba Meek
Mundet/delfort group

John Milbower
American Packaging Corporation

Erik Ohls
Trustee Emeritus

Philip Pimlott
Gravure Association of the Americas

David Schirmer
Phil Schlosser
National Geographic Society

James M. Sheibley
Wasau Coated Products

James Siever
European Rotogravure
Trustee Emeritus

Johnny Stamey
Max Daetwyler Corporation
Joe Steingraeber

Scott Thrift
Altria Group

Walter Vail
Vail Paper Management

Dennis Wilcox
Southern Graphic Systems

Stephen Young
Trusteee Emeritus

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