Message from a GEF President

Pittsburgh, PA, December 1, 2017 — As part of an effort to act as a single voice to advance the future of the industry workforce, the Gravure Education Foundation (GEF) has transferred their funds and administrative functions to the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF). This combination now creates an endowed fund of over $9 million that is dedicated towards encouraging young people to consider the graphics field as a career and then assisting in their education process to facilitate that end.

Rod Sosa, GEF president stated “This is a once in a life time opportunity. To join forces with such an amazing group while ensuring that the Gravure segment continues to be represented in the industry. Growing the fund balance to over $9 million is an achievement that everyone that works in this industry should be proud of.”

“This is an important step towards having a single source of promoting the industry and providing funding to students, which will benefit all companies” said John Berthelsen, VP-Development at PGSF. “We are broadening our scope of promotion and of providing support, just as service providers today are expanding their offerings.”

PGSF recently released new career materials that have been widely praised throughout the industry. Attracting youth, training new employees and replacing current workforce loses are major issues for companies of all sizes across the country. The Foundation is actively addressing these issues and providing tools for companies to enhance their own efforts in this area.
For information on how you or your organization can contribute to the future of the graphic arts industry, please contact John Berthelsen at or visit the site at

GEF PresidentMessage from GEF President Rod Sosa

In 1998 while studying at a Gravure Resource Center, I was awarded a GEF scholarship with an invitation to participate at one of the GAA conferences.  The award, the invitation, and the network from the event propelled me to have a career in this incredible industry.  If you are a student, I encourage you get involved with the foundation and actively participate in programs and conferences; it will accelerate your career. If you are an industry leader, your participation and contribution guarantees a secure future for the Gravure industry.

Gravure Education Foundation (GEF) seeks to build strength for a segment of industry that has served and is serving us all well.  Gravure delivers communication to millions each day, builds packaging that help marketers sell better products, adds beauty and functionality to many products we use today and into the future.

Over the years the GEF has distributed more $3.6 million and currently engages over 300 students/year in “Gravure Days.”  On average, the GEF awards 11 scholarships and 8 grants per year.

GEF was founded in 1970 through the commitment of industry leaders. These leaders knew that in order to thrive in the future; the industry would require Gravure specialists that could lead the industry for generations to come. In short, they made an investment.  We, in turn, now make investments in students who express interest and excel in printing and the graphic arts.  Using the funds that others endowed to us, along with the contributions you make today, we bring Gravure into the future. 

Today the GEF helps students, universities, colleges, and the Gravure industry by:  Communicating the benefits of Gravure around the globe using teaching aids, providing financial assistance to universities, and providing scholarships to worthy students. We appoint board members to liaise with each Gravure Resource Center, which includes:

  1. Promotion, dissemination, and cooperation of technical education towards the Gravure learning community. This includes, active participation in Resource Center’s annual “Gravure Day”
  2. Communication with students to promote career growth, industry networking, and resources to improve technical research
  3. Collaboration to engage students in annual Association meetings.

GEF also develops and provides training materials used on-line, on-site, and off-site courses for Gravure professionals. Revenue from these events helps sustain the foundation and maintain a repository of training and educational materials.

Please take a moment read our mission, find a way that you and/or your company can contribute to the future of Gravure.

Thank you for visiting us.

Rod Sosa, GEF President