Message from a GEF President

GEF PresidentMessage From Former GEF President Jim Sheibley

Education is foundational to our economy and our way of life.  Nearly everyone can agree on that statement.  Yet while nearly all concur that education is vital, we also must recognize that the costs of specialized education are rising, as is the value of those specialized skills.   For our own industry, we must continue to develop specialists, or our pace of progress will slow and our foundation will crumble.

At the Gravure Education Foundation (GEF), we seek to build a foundation of strength for a segment of industry that has served and is serving us well: the gravure printing process.  Gravure delivers communications to millions each week, builds packaging that help marketers inform users and sell their products, and delivers beauty and functionality into many products we will use today and into the future.

The GEF was built in 1970 by titans of industry that had confidence in their industry.  They knew to thrive in the future, the industry would require specialists and zealots for gravure printing that could lead the industry for generations to come.  In short, they made an investment.  We, in turn, now make investments in students who express interest and excel in printing and the graphic arts.  Using the funds that others endowed to us, along with the contributions you make today, we bring gravure into the future.

Today the GEF helps students, universities and colleges, and the industry by:  Communicating the benefits of Gravure around the globe use teaching aids, providing financial assistance to universities, and providing scholarships to worthy students.    We appoint board members to liaise with each Gravure Resource Center at universities, which includes:

1) Actively participating in each local Resource Center’s annual “Gravure Day”
2) Maintaining ongoing open communication with each Resource Center
3) Assisting the Executive Director to determine methods to track scholarship winners from the Center
4) Exploring opportunities for cooperative programs with each Gravure Resource Center.

Please take a moment to look at our mission, find a way that you and/or your company can contribute to the future of gravure, and contact us with your willingness and your questions.

Jim Sheibley
GEF President