2012 Packaging & Products Technology Conference Proceedings

GAA Packaging & Product Technology Conference

October 9-11, 2012:  Chicago, IL




Ryan Barr:  Keynote Presentation - Thriving in Any Economy  pdf

Achim Kurrick:  Innovation in Gravure Press Manufacturing  pdf

Gilad Tzori:   Intersection of Nanography and Packaging/Product  pdf

Steven Mojo:  Development of BioPlastic Packaging  pdf

Wendy Jedlicka:  Seeing the Forest for More than Just the Trees - Thinking Way Beyond the Box  pdf

Max Winograd:  NuLabel Technologies  pdf

Chris Trummel:  Sustainability and Gemstone Attributes  pdf

George Fickau:  Sustainable Green Printing  pdf

Bob Whitton:  Secret Sauce - Converting and Finishing  pdf

Frank Passarelli:  Integrating Finishing and Plant Workflow  pdf

Rod Sosa:  Fres-co System USA  pdf

Ralph Daetwyler, Paolo De Grandis, John Melotik:  drupa Highlights  pdf

James Siever:  Gravure Packaging in Europe  pdf

Matt Huber:  jcpenney - Creating an Unforgettable Retail Experience  pdf

Bob Kikkert:  When to Use Gravure  pdf

Stuart Payne:  Gravure Partnership  pdf