2012 Publishing & Premedia Conference

Gravure Publishing & Premedia Conference

November 11 - 14, 2012
Naples, FL




Monday November 12th

Bud Weinstein: Energy and the Prospects for Economic Growth in the U.S. - a Post-Election Perspective pdf

Rebecca McPheters: iMonitor™ - Trends in Digital Publishing pdf

Phil Riebel: Two Sides - The Myths and Facts About Print & Paper pdf

John Fauller: CALL & RESPONSE - Utilizing Mobile to Collect CRM Data pdf

Tuesday November 13th

Jim Raffel/Shelby Sapusek: Color Control - Myths & Mysteries pdf

David Haslam: Gravure Technologies pdf

Anita Pursley: Distribution - State of the Postal Service pdf

Jim Congahan: The Newspaper Industry Today pdf

Wednesday November 14th

Monica Garvey: GAA Environmental Workshop 2012 Highlights pdf

John Maine: Global Printing & Writing Paper Outlook pdf