2013 Gravure Global Summit

Gravure Global Summit Proceedings

March 6 - 7, 2013
Miami, Florida 




Import/Export in the Americas

Panico Peres:  Why Export?  pdf

New Markets Case Study

Dan Sanchez:  Global Sourcing  pdf

Think Global, Act Local

Gary Jones:  What to Expect from EPA and OSHA during the Second Obama Administration  pdf

Jim Kyger:  Labor, Healthcare and Postal Update  pdf

Tecnology Drive Successes

Sam Ingram:  Next Generation of Packaging Design  pdf

Nick Mills:  Closed Loop Defect Control  pdf

Eric Serenius:  Technology Driven Business Models  pdf

Lasting Value Certification

Bob Whilton:  Skills and Tools - Another Strategy Empowering Growth  pdf, Operator Certification Program Demonstration  pdf, The Public Service Announcement  pdf

Tim Crawford:  Mondi Jackson - Operator Certification Program Perspective  pdf

Dallas Hairston:  Packaging Corporation of America - Operator Certification Program Perspective  pdf

Rod Sosa:  Fres-Co System USA - Operator Certification Program Perspective  pdf

Growth Through Efficiencies

Mike Impastato:  Take it to the Next Level  pdf

Ed Lieb:  Internal Opportunities  pdf

Frank Passarelli:  Gravure Press Production Efficiencies  pdf

Johnny Stamey:  Updating Your Old Presses  pdf

Sales Through Market Shifts

Don Carli:  Sales Through Market Shifts  pdf

Bill Hines:  Interprint - OPP Development Strategy  pdf

Paul Teachout:  Sales Through Market Shifts  pdf

Max Winograd:  Nulabel Technoologies - Polymer Science and Engineering Innovations for the Label and Packaging Industries  pdf

John Anderson:  Change is a Good Thing?  pdf