2014 Printed Electronics Symposium

Printed Electronics, Functional Printing & Intelligent Packaging Symposium Proceedings

June 23-24, 2014
Clemson, South Carolina 

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Technology Roadmaps and Standards for Printed Electronics

Marc Chason, Marc Chason Associates (Presented for iNEMI):  2013 iNEMI Roadmaps for Printed Electronics  pdf

Barbara M. Fisher, OE-A:  OE-A Roadmaps for Organic and Printed Electronics  pdf

Marc Carter, IPC:  Printed ELectronics 2014 - World Standardization Effort pdf

Intellectual Property and Innovation: An Overview of Best Practices

Robert Capriotti, K&L Gates, L.L.C.:  Emerging Technology & Patent Law Best Practices   pdf

George Dickos, K&L Gates, L.L.C.:  Intellectual Property Licensing  pdf

An Update on Printed Electronics Materials, Processes
and Business Resources

Bob Rustin, DuPont Teijan Films:  Plastic Substrates for Flexible Electronics  pdf

Chris Hunrath, Integral Technology: Materials for the Manufacture of Printed Electronics   pdf

Bruce Kahn, Clemson University: Materials for Printed Electronics  pdf

Collaborative Innovation Communities, MobiFactories,
MicroFactories and You

James Earle, Local Motors, Inc.:  Co-creation + Micro Multi-national Manifacturing is Reshaping National Competitiveness  pdf

The Internet of Postal Things, RFID, NFC and the Quantified Consumer

Lisa M. Nieman, USPS Office of Inspector General:  Imagining the Internet of Postal Things  pdf

Anthony Dublino, Jamison RFID:  What does Jamison RFID do?  pdf

New Printed Electonics, Sensors and Cyber Physical Systems

Charles Hendee, Tactonic Technologies:  Mechanical Force Redistribution (MFR) Touch and Pressure Image Sensors of Arbitrary Size Reducing Costs & Increasing Markets and Market Sizes  pdf

An Update Key Printed Electronics Initiatives by the FlexTech Alliance

Mike Ciesinski, FlexTech Alliance:  Key Innitiative in Printed Elecronics  pdf

Brand Protection, Brand Security, Product Safety & Functional Printing

Keith Cutri, Eastman Kodak Company:  Brand Protection with Functional Printing and Smart Packaging   pdf

Marc Chason, Marc Chason Associates:  Antimicrobial Surfaces via Functional Printing   pdf

Printed Electronics & Intelligent Packaging in Perishable Food & Biopharma Cold Chains

Kaz Lawler, PakSense:  PakSense and Printed Electronics  pdf

Bill Roberts, SealedAir:  Perspectives on Intelligent Packaging  pdf