About GAAmericas

GAAmericas Mission

Gravure Association of the Americas was established to provide a forum to facilitate collaborative partnerships among all Gravure professionals.

Our mission is to create value and opportunities through interactive communication, training, education and promotion of the Gravure printing process.

GAAmericas Global Vision

Gravure Association of the Americas aspires to be recognized as the leading resource for gravure technology, training, education and advocacy serving the Rotogravure Packaging, Label, Publication and Product markets.

GAAmericas Values

Gravure Association of the Americas is a converter-led, customer-driven organization. We value and prioritize sustainability, focus on common interests to the industry, and utilizing global partnerships in a non- endorsement environment.

About the Gravure Association of the Americas, Inc. (GAAmericas)

The Gravure Association of the Americas, Inc. is a trade association. It was formed in January 2013 as the result of the merger between the Packaging and Label Gravure Association Global (PLGA Global) and the Gravure Asociation of America (GAA).  The two organizations consolidated their resources with the intent to create a more effective and responsive association.  PLGA Global was established in 1989, while GAA was formed in 1987 as a result of the merger between the  Gravure Technical Association (GTA) and the Gravure Research Institute (GRI). Both GTA and GRI had been in existence since 1947.

Trade associations are formed to serve the needs of a focused group of people with common business professions, or interest. Members depend upon associations to advance common interests, to address economic and educational needs and to promote the status of their profession or industry. Dues are collected from members and used to fund the services provided by the association.

Gravure is an advanced, high-tech printing process operating the fastest and widest printing presses in the world. It uses a unique image carrier, a gapless cylinder that can be imaged directly from the digital data. Gravure was the first printing process to employ a totally digital environment. The Gravure Association of the Americas, Inc. promotes the use of the gravure printing process for publication printing, package printing and product (specialty) printing. The resources of the associations are dedicated to the collection and dissemination of state-of-the-art, as well as historic, information pertaining to gravure technology, marketing, environmental issues, government regulations, education, and training. 

The Gravure Association of the Americas, Inc.:

Provides a forum for the exchange of specialized information through a network of GAAmericas councils which address unique concerns and encourage the use of gravure. These councils include the Gravure Publishing Council, which brings together catalog and insert publishers as well as other direct marketers; and the Environmental Council, which acts as a liaison and source of information between the gravure industry and regulatory agencies.

Holds an annual industry-wide convention, which brings together a majority of the gravure participants and is devoted to the dissemination of information on gravure technology and markets. Attendees from all areas of gravure printing meet to exchange ideas and attend the annual business meeting of the association.

  • Sponsors a variety of educational seminars, symposiums and conferences to address the special needs of sub-groups within the association.
  • Maintains a core of technical committees, which address a wide variety of technical issues and standards for the industry. GAAmericas maintains a leading role in the development of U.S. (ANSI) and international standards (ISO).
  • Provides direct, telephone support and in-plant technical assistance to member and non-member companies who require technical expertise.
  • Maintains support for the Gravure Education Foundation, an educational foundation established in 1979 to raise funds to support gravure education. The foundation awards at least 16 scholarships each year in addition to giving direct grants to universities involved in gravure education.