Advanced Pressroom Seminar 2009

Advanced Pressroom SeminarAdvanced Pressroom Seminar October 26-29, 2009: Western Michigan University

Bruce G. Beyer: Fingerprinting the Gravure Press pdf

Gary P. White: Fingerprinting Press Characterization and Material Input

Veronika Lovell, SunChemical: Managing the Printed Color from Cradle to Grave

Bob Binder, X-Rite Incorporated: Color MeasurementThrough Instrumentation

X-Rite Incorporated: GAA Advanced Gravure Class pdf

Tom Allison , Allison Systems Corporation: The technology of Gravure doctoring...

Part 1 pdf Part 6 pdf
Part 2 pdf Part 7 pdf
Part 3 pdf Part 8 pdf
Part 4 pdf Part 9 pdf
Part 5 pdf Part 10 pdf

“The List”: Steps to Implement and Maintain Print Consistency

Engraved Blocks Green Ink pdf

Brian Bishop, Southern Graphics Systems: SGS Press Characterization Overview 2009 pdf