Basic & Advanced Seminars

Basic and Advanced Gravure Seminars 2019
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GAAmericas Gravure Basic Seminar
& Advanced Pressroom Seminar

These seminars will be held in Fall 2019 with specific dates to be announced. 

Please disregard the dates in the attached brochure. The seminars are in the process of being rescheduled and all materials will be updated when dates are confirmed.

Interprint, Inc. Pittsfield, MA

Hilton Garden Inn Lennox Pittsfield
1032 South Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Basic Seminar Information: designed for pressroom supervisors, press operators, print buyers, designers, ink suppliers, paper suppliers, engravers, and management...anybody with a stake in improving the consistency of graphic quality from concept through press.

Since it’s inception in 1979, the Basic Gravure Seminar has provided pertinent information about the gravure process to thousands. The program focuses on today’s issues by providing increased laboratory and press-side experience. Whether you are a printer, supplier, or print buyer, new or old in the industry, here is your best opportunity to learn more about gravure—the only seminar specific to the gravure process.

Gravure is a robust process that has been subject to more than its share of “folklore” solutions. The new challenges of the process and customer demands make it essential to formalize this approach. The Basic course is designed to separate the “myth and legends” from the theory and best practices. Primarily designed to teach a solid foundation to those new to the process, the seminar also fills knowledge gaps of experienced practitioners who have not yet had an opportunity to be formally trained in the practice of gravure.

Basic Seminar Topics:

  • Printing Concepts: Color Theory; Separations and Prepress; Comparison of Printing Processes; Uniqueness of Gravure; and Safety
  • Process Control: Environment Issues; Fingerprinting; Identification Use of Standards Relevant to Printing; Reference Workflows; Quality Assurance; and Troubleshooting
  • Equipment: Presses - Overview and Recent Advancement; Dryers - Traditional and Recent Advancements; and Converting
  • Ink: Ink Compositions-water, solvent, radiation curable; Ink Proofing; Color Standards; and Color Measurement
  • Image Carrier: Cylinders; Engraving/Ink Release; and Cylinder Proofing
  • Ink Transfer: Ink Stations; Doctor Blades; and Impression Roller
  • Substrates: Film, Paper, Foil, Complex Laminates; and Surface Treatments - ESA, Corona, Chemical

Advanced Seminar Information: designed for pressroom managers, press operators, quality managers, prepress managers, cylindermanufacturers, ink manufacturers, sales managers and end-users involved in print production.

The GAAmericas Advanced Pressroom Seminar takes the gravure process to the next level in gravure pressroom training. Utilizing the framework built during the GAAmericas Basic Gravure Seminar, this course will provide in-depth discussion and hands-on training in areas pertinent to today’s gravure pressroom.

Focusing on the gravure press fingerprinting process, you will learn to identify and isolate variables that feed the press including substrate, ink, press, pre-press and cylinder parameters. Determining how to develop optimum press settings resulting in predictable print results will be taught. At the conclusion of the course, you will have the knowledge to successfully complete the long process of fingerprinting a gravure press.

Advanced Seminar Topics:
  • Advanced color theory, proofing and color management
  • What is fingerprinting and how can it improve your process
  • Finding the optimum running parameters
  • Implementing the fingerprinting procedure
  • Test cylinder design and print evaluation
  • Involving your inks, solvents & substrates suppliers
  • Press-side practical applications
  • Press-side color matching and evaluation
  • GAA online operator certification program