Buyers' Guide: Blades, Tools & Supplies

Allison Systems Corporation
220 Adams St.
Riverside, NJ 08075
P: 856-461-9111
F: 856-461-9373
E: [email protected]
Allison Systems pioneered pre-honed Swedish steel doctor blades over 40 years ago. We continue to develop and provide a range of Swedish steel, specialty engineered coated steel, and lubricant plastic doctor blades, along with technical support, including worn-blade analysis, and advanced retrofit doctor blade systems for real production-cost savings and quality improvements for gravure printers worldwide. We are proud to offer the new Supercoat™ line of doctor blades that provides both much longer blade life and the rheological and wear characteristics needed on cylinders with minimal engraving and/or chrome wear problems. We also provide proven specialized tool-steel, coated, and nonmetallic blades for ceramic coating rolls and ceramic gravure cylinders. For information, contact Evelyn Williams, Sales Manager.

Benton Graphics Inc.
3 Industrial Dr.
Trenton, NJ 08619
P: 800-223-0093
F: 609-587-9890
E: [email protected]
Benton Graphics is a leading doctor blade manufacturer, offering a variety of materials and edge shapes to solve many printing problems. Our patented bonded blade (integrated wiping and backup blade) has many options, while our patented material Microloy®, used in our Ultimeter® line of blades, has a unique microstructure that delivers high performance and exceptional wear characteristics. Ceramic and Ultiplus are two types of coated blades. Finally, the Angle Reflective Scope is a great troubleshooting tool to analyze used doctor blades and help solve printing problems.

Chardon Tool and Supply Co., Inc.
PO Box 291
115 Parker Court
Chardon, OH 44024
P: 440-286-6440
F: 440-286-7165
E: [email protected]
Celebrating 25 years of service to the Gravure Industry, Chardon Tool is an acknowledged leader in the development and manufacturing of the highest quality single-crystal diamond tools used to engrave Publication and Packaging cylinders. Our experienced staff of over 25 technicians and engineers are committed to providing the best combination of quality products and service. Our production capacity allows us to serve both OEM’s and end-users in over 40 countries around the world.

Daetwyler (Max Daetwyler Corporation)
13420 Reese Blvd. West
Huntersville, NC 28078
P: (704) 875-1200
F: (704) 875-0781
E: [email protected]
Max Daetwyler Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of doctor blades for rotogravure and flexographic printing and coating. Unique designs and specialized coatings help the printer reduce or eliminate print defects such as streaking, hazing, and dragouts. Daetwyler also offers a full line of cleaning equipment for cleaning of press parts, cylinders, totes, and pails, as well as distillation for recovery of waste inks and solvents. In addition, Daetwyler offers a complete machine shop consisting of design, fabrication, machining, and assembly, as well as revolutionary micro Waterjet cutting services.

Edward Graphic Supplies
3335 N. Service Rd., Unit 2-3
Burlington, ON, Canada L7N 3G2
P: 905-791-8228
F: 905-791-3845
E: [email protected]
Edward Graphics is a supplier of a patented Strip-Blade Doctoring System, XCALIBUR™ doctor blades, carbon and stainless steel, and X-99 long-life coated blades.

Flexo Concepts
100 Armstrong Road, Suite 103
Plymouth, MA  02360
P: 508-830-9506
F: 508-830-0277
E: [email protected]
Flexo Concepts manufactures TruPoint™ plastic and composite doctor blades and MicroClean™ dry media anilox cleaning systems.  Both product lines are designed to improve quality and reduce operational costs in gravure printing and coating applications.
TruPoint plastic and composite doctor blades have been proven to outperform steel when it comes to graphic reproduction, blade life, cylinder wear and workplace safety.
MicroClean anilox cleaning equipment is a safe and effective method of deep cleaning gravure cylinders.  The technology restores cells to their original capacity with no damage to the engraving. 
Please visit for more information or to request a blade sample.

Forbo Siegling, LLC
12201 Vanstory Drive
Huntersville, NC  28078-8395
P:  800-255-5581
F:  704-948-0995
E:  [email protected]
Leading U.S. manufacturer of conveyor & processing belts, flat power transmission belting, high-efficiency timing belts, plastic modular belting and associated products for the printing and paper converting industries.


Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Company
Chicago Mailing Address: PO Box 4289
Itasca, IL 60143-4289  USA
P : 630-467-0900
F : 630-467-0900
E : [email protected]
Lenticular Lens Design and Optical Cylinder Engraving – “Global Scientific Solutions for the Development and Production of Cylindrical Polymer/Plastic Material Processing including Manufacturing of Microstructured Optical Roll Surface Mold Components Used for The Management of Light.”

JECO Plastic Pallets
885 Andico Rd.
Plainfield, IN 46168
P: 317-839-4943
F: 317-839-1209
E: [email protected]
The company provides plastic reusable pallets designed to unique press specifications.

Perfect Pallets, Inc.
450 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
P: 888-270-0790
F: 888-309-9578
E: [email protected]
We are the leader in providing plastic returnable Perfect Pallets to printers for the delivery of advertising inserts and various supplements to newspapers located throughout the United States. We manage the newspaper industry’s national insert pallet recycling program.

Precision Products and Consulting, Inc.
12245 Nations Ford Road, Unit 502
Pineville, NC 28134
P: 704-588-8889
F: 704-588-7980
E: [email protected]
Precision Products is a leading supplier of products used in plating, finishing, engraving, and inspecting gravure cylinders. Our product line includes diamond tooling for OEE and Hell engravers, engraving lubricant, microfinishing/lapping films, polishing stones, disposable Polishmaster roughcutters, CFM and Duostar diamond inserts, chrome/copper thickness and surface roughness gages, SP10HF Copper Tester, Tegatron microscopes, the Stylus Inspection System, plating tank filters, cylinder cleaning/polishing compounds, and lathe tooling/inserts. Please visit our website for more information regarding these and other products/services we provide.

Shima American Corporation 
500 Park Blvd., Suite 725
Itasca, IL 60143
P: 630-760-4330
F: 630-285-1045
E: [email protected]
Shima American Corporation is the importer and distributor of high-quality AION grinding and polishing stones.  These grinding stones are made in Japan and feature a unique construction and high uniformity, for outstanding finishing, precision and efficiency. 
We offer a wide variety of grit sizes, for grinding, polishing, finishing and superfinishing gravure cylinders.  The unique PVA bonding matrix of the AION stones offer the combined properties of resiliency and rigidity, enabling the production of mirror-finishes without irregular surface cuts.

Stratis Plastic Pallets
5677 W. 73rd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46278
P: 317-328-8000
F: 317-328-8080
E: [email protected]
Stratis manufactures plastic reusable pallets for the printing, converting, and related industries, configured with slotted top for continuous-feed presses, smooth top for signatures, double-sided for storage, and cradle style for rolls. The pallets are ideal for work in process and return loop applications. Our variety of styles, which are ergonomic, long-lasting, and multipurpose, allows you to find the perfect pallet to meet your particular plant’s requirements.

Technodiamant USA, Inc.
35A Kennedy Rd., Box 398
Tranquility, NJ 07879
P: 908-850-8505
F: 908-850-8506
E: [email protected]
Technodiamant supplies a full range of quality diamond tools for the gravure printing industry, including "one-way" disposable styli.  We are an OEM supplier offering the most consistent tools available. Tools are available from stock from our New Jersey location for immediate delivery. We carry tools for all engravers and cylinder preparation machines. We offer quality, integrity, and a 100% guarantee. Please contact Dave Slaperud for a no-obligation trial at 908-850-8505.

TKM United States, Inc.
1845 Airport Exchange Blvd.
Suite 150 
Erlanger, KY 41018  USA
P: 859-689-7094
F: 859-689-7565
E: [email protected]
TKM United States is a member of IKS Klingelnberg GmbH based in Germany.  We supply quality products with a very high level of service and support.  We offer a full line of Doctor Blades, including Carbon Steel, High Alloy, Ceramic Coated, Stainless Steel and Polyester.  All Blades are available with special tip designs to suit the toughest applications.  Other Products include; Toothed Cutoff Knives, Jaw Blades, Tungsten Carbide and Powdered HSS Slitter Blades, Stitcher Parts, Gripper Fingers, Jaw Pads, Inline Finishing Knives and Vulkollan Cutting Rubbers.  Call us today to trial our products and improve your bottom line.