Buyers' Guide: Digital Workflow Services & Supplies

Cruse Digital North America Corp
The Cruse Synchronous Table Scanner has been the industry standard providing the ultimate digital content capture solution for wood flooring, furniture design, ceramic tile and laminate, wallpaper manufacturing and textiles. With Photometric stereo and the Surface Detection option, this scanner is used to capture topographic surface textures. The data obtained are ideally suited for the reproduction of the respective relief in laminate flooring, furniture and traditional gravure roller manufacturers as well as for the latest 3D surface printers. The Cruse Synchron Table 4.0 brings you the very latest generation of Cruse high end scanners. The completely re-designed scanner with high resolution 15K CMOS low noise sensor and our new, innovative software packages set again high benchmarks in the usual Cruse quality, making the synchron table scanner the first choice for all areas of applications of the decor industry.

AVT – Advanced Vision Technology
900 Circle 75 Parkway
Suite 175
Atlanta, GA  30339
P: 770-541-9780
F: 770-541-9342
E: [email protected]
Advanced Vision Technology, Ltd. (AVT) is the world leader in print process control, quality assurance and color control for the packaging, labels, folding cartons and commercial print markets.  Today, more than 7,200 PrintVision systems for packaging and labels automatic inspection are installed worldwide.  As a premier supplier in the commercial sector, AVT has over 870 of its closed loop color control systems, and over 3,200 color management and reporting software and remote digital ink fountain control systems installed around the world.  AVT’s products are sold to leading printing press OEMs, packaging, labels, commercial, semi-commercial, newspaper and specialty printers in the heatset and coldset web printing markets, worldwide.




Metis High Quality Scanners
100 North Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55391
P: 612-870-0061
F: 612-870-0063
E: [email protected]
CGS METIS Scanners are the most precise and complete large format, flat-bed surface scanners used across all printing mediums: digital, flexo, gravure and offset.
Equipped with the market’s highest resolution sensors and optics, METIS scanners’ powerful software can capture surfaces in perfect detail. With precise measurements of in-register color, texture (depth) and specular (glossiness), even cylinder laser etchings and engravings will be print ready.
Yet METIS Scanners can go beyond only preparing print-ready files— users can scan finished products and use the data to generate color, texture and gloss-accurate marketing imagery and CGI renders.


Dalim Software
7025 County Road 46A
Suite 1071 #323
Lake Mary, FL 32746
P: 407-574-7486
F: 407-574-7434
E: [email protected]
DALIM SOFTWARE is a global leader in the design and development of innovative productivity, workflow and communication software solutions for the publishing and graphics industries.
DALIM SOFTWARE produces the exceptionally productive, modular software engines TWIST, DIALOGUE Engine and ES, which offer specialized collaborative solutions for media content.  Its fully customizable interfaces allow users to integrate into customer facing applications and seamlessly connect to business processes.
Enfocus Inc.
8535 Gander Creek Drive
Miamisburg, OH  45342
P: 1-800-676-1775
F: 937-454-1702
E: [email protected]
Enfocus, a business unit of Esko, provides modular and affordable tools safeguarding job quality and enabling automation throughout the complete production chain. Innovative solutions improve communication between design and production while enhancing productivity and predictability through automation of routine tasks. Step-by-step deployment dramatically increases added value without forcing users to completely rethink their way of doing business.

8535 Gander Creek Drive
Miamisburg, OH 45342  USA
P: 937-454-1721
F: 937-454-1522
E: [email protected]
Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging, sign and display finishing, commercial printing and professional publishing. Esko products and services help customers raise productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs, expand business and improve profitability.
Esko is the worldwide market leader with software for artwork creation, structural design, pre-production, workflow automation, quality assurance and online collaboration.  Esko solutions support and manage the packaging and print processes at brand owners, retailers, designers and packaging manufacturers.

GMG Americas
120 Industrial Park Road
Hingham, MA 02043  USA
P: 781-740-4077
F: 781-658-2060
E: [email protected]
GMG is known for high-quality solutions for everything to do with color.  GMG solutions are particularly suitable for printing facilities that wish to implement standardized printing processes to color-manage their entire graphic workflows, from prepress to print production (such as Fogra and G7 procedures).  The result is completely standardized colors and printing processes; regardless of what printing method is applied, delivering high print quality and stability while reducing costs.
GMG ColorServer creates uniform color standards; GMG InkOptimizer provides fully automatic chromatic ink reduction, while offering better press control and faster make-readies.  GMG ColorProof delivers exceptionally accurate proofs.
Hybrid Software
1709 Langhorne-Newtown Road, Suite 6
Langhorne, PA  19047  USA
P: 215-550-6243
F: 267-395-4556
E: [email protected]
Hybrid Software provides software solutions for Order Lifecycle Management (OLM).  Printers receive orders from numerous web-to-print portals, online search engines, computerized EDI procurement systems, and other sources.  Order management has become a critical challenge for printers.  Hybrid’s products address the entire production workflow, from online ordering to delivery, and can interface with most leading MIS systems, databases, and production systems.  Web-to-print has added complexity as printers try to integrate new web portals with their existing MIS and workflow systems.  OLM streamlines production processes, and Hybrid’s software products perform that function by linking directly to the systems that printers already own.

1210 S. Gilbert
Iowa City, IA 52240
P: 319-337-8599
F: 319-337-3635
E: [email protected]
MetaCommunications is a leading software developer of cross-platform management and workflow solutions for the graphic arts industry, including the Workgroups 2007 suite, which is composed of the award-winning Job Manager™, Virtual Ticket™, Approval Manager ™, and Digital Storage Manager™ programs.
MetaCommunications has thousands of installations of its software worldwide, helping some of the world’s top packaging design, prepress, and print firms work more efficiently and profitably. No other software on the market today offers the same depth of estimating, scheduling, job ticketing, tracking, costing, billing, digital asset management, and archiving features in an integrated package.

X-Rite, Incorporated
4300 44th Street, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
P: 616-803-2100
X-Rite is a world leader in providing global color control solutions for manufacturing and quality management requirements.