GAA 2011 Printed Electronics & Intelligent Packaging Symposium

GAA 2011 Printed Electronics & Intelligent Packaging Symposium

October 4-6, 2011:  Clemson, SC

Conference Program  pdf



Ken McGuire:  Beyond the Hype - The Promise of Printed Electronics and Intelligent Packaging  Pages 1 - 10  pdf   Pages 11 - 19  pdf

Jay Jacobs:  Materials, Technologies and Production Methods for Printed Electronics 

Bruce Kahn:  Toxicololgy and Environmental Considerations for Printed Electronics  

Charles Gooding:  Life Cycle Assessment  

Maynard Benjamin:  A Journey Into the World of Intelligent Envelope 

Marc Chason:  High Value Applications and High Growth Markets for Printed Electronics  

Stan Drobac:  Printed Electronics - iPhone or Newton? 

Bob Rustin:  Overview of Plastic Substrates for Printed Electronics  Pages 1 - 30  pdf   Pages 31 - 62  pdf

Wendell Smith:  Smart Labels - Security and Brand Protection  

Darrell Benjamin:  Role of the Postal Service in the Digital Age  pdf

Hal Heinze:  Printed Electronics - Innovation & Sustainability in Consumer Products Value Chains  pdf