GAA Convention & Leadership Summit 2007

GAA Convention & Leadership Summit April 16-19, 2007:  Kansas City, MO

Leadership Summit


Ray Powers

The Changing Global Gravure Market

Jerzy Czubak: AMOCR Europe and Eastern Europe
Patrick Diebel: Manufacturing in China vs. Noarth America
James Siever: The Changing Global Gravure Market

Emerging Technologies, Trends & Innovation

Bob Whitton: Emerging Technologies Trends & Innovation
William Boyd: COMING SOON
Ros Dennison: Emerging Technologies Trends & Innovation
Friedrich Scholta: Lasers in Engraving

Keeping Gravure Competetive

Dr. Bernard Weinstein: The Economic Outlook for the U.S. and Implications for the Gravure Industry
Jeff Dema: Keeping Gravure Competitive in an Escalating Cost Environment

Printed Electronics-Innovation by Disruption

Dr. JieZhang: Printed Electronics-Innovation by Disruption

Is There a Future for You in Printed Electronics?

Dr. Sam Ingram: Is There a Future for You in Printed Electronics?
Dr. William Ray: Printed Electronics: Where we are going, why we are going there and why it's a good thing

GEF Educators Breakfast

Kelly Cohagen: GEF Educators Breakfast

Standards Report

Bob Chung: Survey of Printing Standards in the Gravure Package Printing Industry

ERA Report

James Siever: European Report