GAA Environmental Workshop 2008

Environmental WorkshopGAA Environmental Workshop June 17-19, 2008:  Bar Harbor, ME

Climate Change and Linkage with Sustainable Forestry

Martin vonMirbach, WWF
Pascal Lesage, Eng., Ph.D., Managing Director, Analyst, Sylvatica

Carbon Footprint of Paper

Reid Miner, VP Sustainable Manufacturing, NCASI
Bill Dennis, Director of Product Development, Verso Paper
Lyn Brown, VP Corporate Affairs & Social Responsibility, Catalyst Paper Corporation

Status and Need for More Privately-Held Land to be Certified

Craig DeRusha, VP Magazine & Book Papers, Hearst
Tom Doak , Executive Director, SWOAM (Small Woodland Owners Association of ME
Kathryn Fernholz , Secretariat for the Family Forests Alliance & Executive Director, Dovetail Partners
Kathy Abusow , President & CEO, SFI, Inc.
Sandy Brawders , Executive Director, Trust of Conserve Northeast Forestlands
Alec Giffen , Director, Maine Forest Service

University of Maine “Forest Bio-products Research Initiative”

Hermant Pendse , Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Maine
Bob Wagner , Director, Cooperative Forestry Unit, University of Maine

Voluntary Carbon Market and Consumer Protection

Katherine Hamilton , Carbon Project Manager, Ecosystem Marketplace
James Kohm , Associate Director for the Enforcement Division, FTC

Paper Industry Focus on Climate Change

Cathy Foley, Group VP Paper, AF&PA
Andrew Meyers, VP Sustainability, Safe Handling
Jason Handel, Manager Manufacturing Support, Verso
Phil Riebel, Environmental Director, UPM

Environmental Paper Assessment Tool: Version 2 Overview

Kim Rendleman, CEO, MetaFore pdf