GAA Environmental Workshop 2009

Environmental WorkshopGAA Environmental Workshop June 16-18, 2009:  Toronto, Canada

Wednesday June 17, 2009


Dene Rogers: Sustainability at Sears Canada pdf

Sustainable Forest Management Panel

David Schirmer: Sustainable Fiber, Magazine Paper & Newsprint pdf
Jim Farrell: Sustainable Forest Management in Canada's Boreal Forest pdf
Ronnie Drever: Sustainable forest management and the Boreal forest of Canada pdf
Gary Bull: Sustainable boreal forest management: what's the objective? pdf

Woodland Caribou

Darren Sleep: Woodland Caribou Conservation: A potential role for active forest management? pdf

Pine Beetle

Lorraine Maclauchlan: The British Columbia Red Tide: Natural Disturbance at its Finest pdf

Sustainable Forest Management in Provinces Panel

Rich Greenwood: Overview of Ontario's Forests pdf
Rick Groves: Forest Management in Ontario an Industrial Perspective pdf
Peter Johnson: Sustainable Forest Management in Canada-Looking Back, Looking Forward pdf
JP Gladu: Working with First Nations in Canada an Evolving Landscape pdf

Sustainable Forest Eco-labels

Jennifer Wilkerson: Sustainable Forestry Eco-Labels pdf
Tim Lundberg: A Printer's Perspective pdf

Clean Energy

Mark Daniel: Reducing Energy Usages, Understanding Fuel Choices, and Recognizing the Increased Demand for Renewable Fuels pdf

Climate Change

Pierre Bernier: Sustainable Forest Management and Climate Change in Canada pdf

Thursday June 18, 2009


Dave Patterson: Sustainable Roadmap pdf


David Refkin: Sustainability: Future Challenges, Future Opportunities pdf

Life Cycle of National Geographic Journal Panel

Hans Wegner, Craig Liska, Tom Estock: Carbon Footprint LCA for National Geographic Magazine pdf