GAA Environmental Workshop 2010

GAA Environmental Workshop

June 15-17, 2010:  Milwaukee, WI

Forestry Certification and Small Landowners: How to Increase Certified Fiber Availability

Paul Pingrey: Certifying Wisconsin's Family Forests pdf

Guy Glysteen: Foresty Certification Development for Small & Medium Sized Land Owners pdf

Managing Forests for Multiple Use: Balancing the New Drive for Alternative Energy Production with the Forest Products Industry

Rick Kuester: Co-Generation from Woody Biomass pdf

Andrew Heald: UPM Forests- Full of Life pdf

Climate Change Legislation: Current Status and Industry Implications

Elizabeth VanDersarl: Climate Change pdf

Energy Strategies in the Supply Chain

Dean Benjamin: Integrated Biorefineries in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Mark Daniel: Verso Paper Corp. Strategic Energy Review

Joe Muehlbach: Energy Opportunities in Print

Print vs. Digital: Is the New Media as it Promises to be When Considering the Whole Life Cycle: Printed Electronics

Christine Burow and Mark Hubert: Environmental Implications of Media

Don Carli: Print vs. Digital Media - False Dilemnas and Forced Choices

Keynote Address

Scott Case: Avoiding Greenwashing - Selling Green Legitimately

Keynote Address

Barry Nelson: Sustainability at NewPage

Carbon Footprint and the Life Cylce Assessment: The Latest Research and Applications

Caroline Gaudreault: Applying LCA and Carbon Footprint to the Forest Products Sector

EPAT: What is New with Version 2

Tom Pollock: Environmental Paper Assessment Tool - Updates for 2010

David Schirmer: Using EPAT

Forest Exploration Center

Tom Gaertner: Sharing the Vision