GAA Environmental Workshop 2011

GAA Environmental Workshop

June 15-17, 2011:  Washington, DC

Conference Program  pdf


Donna Harman: Sustainability and Public Policy  pdf

Forest Sustainability and Legislation

Linda Kramme: Paper and the World's Forests  pdf

Anne Middleton: Understanding the U.S. Lacey Act - Tools and Technologies for Compliance and Enforcement  pdf

Recovery, Recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation

David Refkin: Magazine and Catalog Paper Recovery:  There's Gold in the Landfill - An Action Plan  pdf

Johnny Gold: Recovery, Recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility  pdf

The Sustainability of Paper and Print: Challenges and Opportunities

Bart Mongoven: Environmentalism in 2011  

Kathy Abusow: The Bigger Picture: Conservation - Integrity - Community  

Phillipe Riebel: 'Two Sides' Promoting the Sustainability of Paper and Print 

Millennial Research

Mark Pitts: Understanding the Role of Paper in the Lives of Millennials  

Carbon Footprint LCA: New Standards for Products & Scope 3

Cynthia Cummis: Greenhouse Gas Protocol - New Scope 3 and Product Standards  

Renewable Energy Solutions in Our Industry

Catherine Cobden: Integrating Bioenergy with Forest Sector Facilities 

Ben Thorp: Renewability and Sustainability - Wise Use of Natural Resources   

Ben Thorp: Renewability and Sustainabiltiy -  Wise Use of Natural Resources (White Paper) 

Mark Daniel: Transforming the Paper Industry - Executing Verso's Energy Strategy  

DMA Sustainability Mission and Programs Related to Sustainability and Industry Self-Regulation

Senny Boone & Linda Woolley:  DMA Environmental Initiatives 

Sustainable Packaging Design

Elizabeth Shoch:  An Introduction to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition