GAA Environmental Workshop 2012

GAA Environmental Workshop

June 19-21, 2012: Washington, DC

Conference Program pdf


Larry Selzer: The Future of Conservation in America pdf

Todd Gartner: Emerging Market-Based Solutions for Working Forests pdf

Procurement and Sourcing

Adam Grant: The Forest Legality Alliance - Tools for Legal Supply Chains pdf

Joe Lawson: Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products pdf

Advancement in Sustainable Forest Management

Andrew Bevan: Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement - a Precedent for Sustainable Development pdf

Amanda Carr: Advances in Global Conservation Initiatives pdf

Pat Sirois: Maine's Coordinated SFI Certification Pilot Project 2010-11 pdf

Mike Ferrucci: Maine's Pilot Project - An Auditor's Perspective pdf

Progress and New Programs in Paper Recovery & Recycling & Extended Producer Responsibility

Gretchen Spear: Extended Producer Responsibility and the Paper Industry pdf

Robert Cook: Current State of Paper Recovery & Recycling pdf

Kathy Kneer: Fiber pdf

Printer Success Stories

Dennis Aler, Hans Wegner and Ron Wald: Chain of Custody Certification Process for Multisite Printers - End User Sustainability Perspective pdf

Promoting the Sustainability of Paper and Print

Phil Riebel: TWO SIDES - Promoting the Sustainability, Responsible Production and Use of Print and Paper pdf

Mark Pitts: AF&PA - Promoting a Sustainble Future for Paper pdf

The State of the Postal Service

Darrell Benjamin: State of the Postal Service and Ongoing Sustainability Efforts

Environmental Footprint of Paper and Digital

Don Carli: The Mediavore's Dilemna - The Environmental Footprint of Print and Digital Media