GAA Leadership Summit 2008

Leadership SummitGAA Leadership Summit September 9-11, 2008:  Parsippany, NJ

Keynote Presentations:

Sonoco and Clemson: A Case Study for Propelling Innovation in Packaging and Graphic Design pdf

Ron Nash: 25 Years of Experience: The Quad/Graphics Corporate Training Programpdf

Education...Meeting Industry Needs -Understanding Industries’ Future Challenges & Requirements

Dr. Thomas Schildgen, Department Chair & Professor,
Arizona State University Department of Technology Management

Dr. Samuel Ingram, Department Chair & Professor, Clemson University

Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Print Media

Strategic Leadership, Economics & Sustainability for the Global Gravure Market

Nina Link: Trends in Consumer Magazines

Joe Truncale: The Cost of Sustainable Initiatives and Their Impact on the Bottom Line

Karen Proctor: Utilizing the Wal-Mart Scorecard to Assist in Designing Sustainable Packaging in the Supply Chain

Looking At Things Differently...Changing the Strategic Direction of Gravure

Dr. Anders Bjurstedt: Creatiing Business Opportunities in Gravure

Frank Passarelli: Modern Gravure Press Solutions Through Eco-Friendly Innovations for Sustainable Growth pdf

Ed Broadhurst: Looking at things differently…Changing the Strategic Direction of Gravure: A suggestion pdf

SunChemical: Managing Packaging Spot Color - New Color Technology For Gravure Applications