GAA Leadership Summit 2010

GAA Leadership Summit

April 27-29, 2010:  Parsippany, NJ

Keynote Presentations:

George Weyerhaeuser, Jr.: Business Sustainability - Challenges & Realities pdf

Dr. Jacquelyn McNutt: Carbon Management - Critical Shaping Issues pdf

Tom Rosser: Climate Change and Sustainability - The Canadian Experience in a Global Context pdf

Chet Rutledge: Walmart's Vision of Sustainable Packaging pdf

Michael J. Potts: The Orion Energy Story pdf

The State of Gravure

Bob Whitton: State of Gravure - Our Process's Place in the Sun

Kevin Karstedt: Taking a Look at Our Packaging World

John Maine: RISI Outlook for North American Gravure Paper Markets

Tom Wetjen: Opportunities for Print in a Post-Recession, New-Media World 

What's New in Printed Electronics

Dr. William J. Ray: Printed Electronics - a Scope and an Example

Dr. Margaret Joyce: Opportunities for Gravure in Printed Electronics Applications

Dr. Tim C. Claypole: Printing as a Manufacturing Process

Lean Manufacturing and the Gravure Process

Burke McCarthy: Lean Manufacturing & the Gravure Process

Chris Illa: Lean Manufacturing and the Gravure Process

Jeffrey Gilbert: Continous Improvement at Flint Group North America Packaging Operations

European Rotogravure Association Report

James Siever: European Report