GAA Packaging & Product Technology Conference 2011

GAA Packaging & Products Technology Conference

September 14-16, 2011:  Chicago, Illinois

Conference Program  pdf


Keynote Presentation

Jay Sperry:  Gravure Opportunities and Challenges In Our Supply Chain  pdf 


Sustainable Gravure Printing Panel


Bill Hines:  Sustainability, It Pays 

Pat Neary:  Shorewood Packaging's Path to Sustainable Gravure Printing  

Cost Control Panel

Rod Sosa:  VSM 

Forrest Hillis:  Innovative Cost Control - Index Your Pricing  

Kane Henneke:  Keystone Aniline Corporation 

Udi Arieli:  End-to-End Intelligent Automation - the Value of Global Optimization  

Leveraging Technology for All Participants in the Supply Chain Panel

David Haslam:  SGS - Process and Business Update 

Chaiwei Wu:  Cheaper, Faster & Better - Think Outside the Box 

Larry Moore:  Packaging Pre-Production Visualize, Virtualize, Collaborate  

Keynote Presentation

Alberto Garza:  The importance of Value Chain Best Practices for Packaging Innovation  pdf 

Gravure Market Mix Panel

Bob Whitton:  Gravure Market Mix 

JD Harris:  Rotary Flexography Gravure's Friend... or Foe?   

Bob Kikkert:  Gravure...The Premier Process of Choice 

Mike Impastato:  Why Gravure  

James Tenorio:  Advantages and Limitations of Gravure    

Lunch Presentation

James Siever:  Packaging Gravure in Europe  pdf 

Inks/Substrates/Film/Foil Panel

Joe Steingraeber:  ESA and Viscosity Today  

Phil Doman:  Effect Pigments for the Packaging Industry 

Joe Koffler:  High Performance Papers and Natural Fibers  

John Wood:  Metallized and Holographic Paper   

Gene Plavnik:  High Efficiency Spectra HE™ Technology and Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying System  

Craig Boyd:  Water Versus Solvent Gravure Inks  

Keynote Presentation

Dan Sanchez:  The Clorox Company  pdf

End User Perspectives Panel

Bob Kikkert:  Why Gravure...Choices  

Standards & Requirements

Garrett Long:  Spot-Color Packaging - Predicting the Unpredictable in a Pantone World  pdf