GAA Packaging & Products Technology Conference 2010

GAA Packaging & Products Technology Conference

October 27-28, 2010:  Clemson, SC

Conference Porgram  pdf


Keynote Presentations

Wendell Smith:  New Applications for Packaging Security  pdf

Joshua Fideli:  Enterprise Marketing Automation  pdf


Prepress & Cylinder Presentations


Howard Nelson:  Gravure Cylinder Engraving 

Olaf Segbert:  Laser Technology for the Packaging Industry Today and Tomorrow 

Edward Broadhurst:  Artwork Management, Automation and the Graphics Room of Tomorrow  

Dennis Wilcox:  Packaing Engraving - Process and Business Update 

Scott Patterson:  Positioning Gravure to Compete in a Digital World 

Press, Inks and Substrates Presentations

Rod Sosa:  ABC Ink Cost Analysis 

Chris Trummel:  OPP - A Truly Flexible Packaging Alternative  

Printed Electronics: Where Does Gravure Fit in the Changing Packaging Market

Eric Serenius:  Microgravure Advancements in Printed Electronics 

Margaret Joyce:  Experiences in Gravure Printing of Electronic Materials 

Scott Gordon:  Electronic Materials for Gravure Printing - Challenges for the Ink Suppliers 

William J. Ray:  The Current Limits of Printing Electronic Devices and the Potential Impact of Gravure 

Emerging Requirements


Burke McCarthy:  Emerging Requirements 


Linda Allen-Hawkins:  Altria's Packaging Challenges and Opportunities 

Bill Linton:  How to Sell Gravure in the CPG Space