GAA Premedia Conference 2009

Premedia Conference

GAA Premedia Conference January 19-21, 2009:  Naples, FL

Cross Media Trends in Publishing, Prepress and Design

Joshua Duhl, Senior Director Strategic Marketing, Quark Inc pdf

Empowering Your Workflow, Insights and Opportunities

Kevin Burke, Sales Manager, Integrated Color Solutions, Inc. pdf

John Sweeney, Vice President Business Development, IQ Colour, LLC pdf

Global Reach of Premedia                      

Johnny Sutton, Director of Technology/Imaging, Quebecor World pdf
George Battrick, Technical Coordinator, European Rotogravure Association pdf
Jan Lindstrom, Director Technology, UPM Paper pdf

Inspiring Color Workflows for the 21st Century

Brian Ashe, Director, Business Development, X-Rite, Inc pdf
Lee Miller, Neiman Marcus Direct pdf
Derrick Brown, Integrated Color Corporation pdf

Soft Proofing Workflows

Kevin Burke, Sales Manager, Integrated Color Solutions, Inc. pdf
Penny Sullivan, Sr. Director, Premedia Services, Meredith Publishing pdf
Bonnie Newman, Color/Print Quality Supervisor,Boston Apparel Group pdf
Jason Sawtelle, Corporate Manager of Imaging Sales & Marketing, Quad/Imaging pdf

Color Management & Process Improvement

Bob Chung, Gravure Research Professor, School of Print Media Rochester Institute of Technology pdf