GAAmericas Antitrust Policy Statement

Gravure Association of the Americas serves its members, in part, by facilitating discussions on matters of common interest facing the industry. Indeed, a free exchange of ideas of common interest to representatives of converting equipment suppliers to the gravure publication, packaging, products and label industry is necessary for the success of all GAAmericas meetings, and it is essential to the successful operation of every trade association.

GAAmericas reminds you that certain areas of discussion between competitors or between manufacturers and their customers MUST BE AVOIDED because such discussions may be prohibited by anti-trust laws, whether these discussions are in person at a meeting conference or teleconference type contact on behalf of GAAmericas.

The Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, and the Robinson-Patman Act comprise the basic federal anti-trust laws, which set forth broad areas of conduct considered illegal as restraints of trade. Furthermore, conduct in violation of these statutes and conduct which does not technically violate these statutes may be prosecuted by the Federal Trade Commission under the Federal Trade Commission Act which has authority to prohibit “unfair methods of competition.” In general, agreements or understandings between competitors that operate as an impediment to free and open competition are forbidden. Without suggesting that there is limitation on the kinds of conduct that the anti-trust laws proscribe, GAAmericas discourages and asks that its members avoid discussions among its members about pricing of products and services, output, allocation of customers and geographic markets, impeding the entry of new firms into markets, impeding technological innovation, boycotting other companies and products, and other conduct which may restrain trade. Moreover, disclosure of non-public strategic plans, business plans, R&D plans, or other information that could compromise the competitive relationship among you and your competitors should be avoided.

Approved by the Board of Directors Wednesday, March 6, 2013