GCIC Conference 2007

GCIC ConferenceGCIC Conference November 13-16 2007: Naples, FL

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The Changing Climate in Paper Production

Dean Benjamin: Making Paper Greener, More Effective, and Easier to Use
Juha-Pekka Juuti: Sustainable Gravure Paper

RISI Paper Market Outlook

John Maine: RISI Paper Market Outlook - Mergers, Foreign Exchange, and Supply Management Impact on the Markets

Retail Overview: 15 Trends for 2015

Dan Stanek: Retailing 2015 - New Frontiers

Paper Making Basics from the Customer Point of View

Bob LaPlant: HSWO vs. Rotogravure - The Finishing Touch

Beyond Boundaries: The American Profile Story

Stephan Duggan: Beyond Boundaries


Gregori Bogich: The Idea Behind Acquiring Customers - Print Media Optimization
Steven Weiss: Co-Mail - Today's Opportunities and Tomorrow's Untapped Potential
John Wollney: Direct Marketing Impact Without the High Cost of Postage

Falling Home Prices, Sub-Prime Lending, and Other Economic Follies: Is the Party Over?

Dr. Bernard Weinstein: $100 Oil, A Falling Dollar and the Sub-Prime Mess - Is a Recession in the Making?

Ink and Printing

David Coggins: Solvent Recovery - Recovery System Overview
Joe Muehlbach: Effective Energy Management and Infrastructure Opportunities
Ann Pantle-O'Brien: The Gravure Press

The Future of Print

Don Carli: Sustainability, Climate Change and the Future of Print

Hot Off the Green Press

Phil Riebel: Hot Off the "Green Press"

Premedia: Cylinder Manufacturing Workflow

Mark Yanny: An Introduction to Gravure Imaging