GPC Conference 2009

GPC Conference

GPC Conference November 18-20 2009: Naples, FL

Bernard L. Weinstein Ph.D, Cox School of Business: The Great Economic Unraveling of 2008-2010 and the Slow Road to Recovery pdf

Barry Graden: Highlights of GAA Environmental Workshop June 16-19, 2009 pdf

Steven Dapper (Keynote): God, Palin and the future of everything printed! pdf
Did You Know? (.MOV)

Newspaper Distribution Panel: Newspaper Distribution What's Next? pdf

Gene Del Polito, President Association for Postal Commerce: What has happened? pdf

John McBride & Sharon Lucius, Managing Partners, McBride&Lucius: Keynote: Maximizing Engagement in Challenging Times pdf

John Maine, Vice President, RISI: Market Outlook: Looking for Green Shoots of Recovery Amid the Still-Smoldering Ashes of Disaster pdf