GPC Conference 2010

GPC Conference

November 16-19, 2010:  Naples, FL

Conference Program  pdf



 November 16 GAA Publication Paper Committee Meeting

James Levett, Rick Maul, Kim Nagele:  qMetrix for Transportation  pdf

Dennis Aler, Nancy Cushman:  Paper Chain of Custody and On-product Massaging  pdf

November 17 Proceedings

Gene Del Polito:  No Way to Run a Postal System 

Bill Bonner:  Bailing Wire and Chewing Gum  

Mark Yanny:  Gravure Imaging  

Chris Brown:  Finishing and Distribution 

November 18 Proceedings

John Maine:  RISI Printing and Writing Paper Market Outlook 

John McBride and Sharon Lucius:  Influencing Others Using Your Personal Strengths 

Bud Weinstein:  A Post-Election Economic Review and Outlook for the U.S. - Will the New Congress Make a Difference  

Joe Schick:  Distribution - How Will the Postal Service Influence Our Business in 2011? 

November 19 Proceedings

John Fauller:  Print-to-Mobile - Extending the Reach of Print 

Penny Sullivan:  Print Redefined 

Tom Kail:  Thinking Big in Small Town America - The Challenges of Retailing and Marketing in Rural America