GPC Conference 2011 Proceedings

GPC Conference

November 16-18, 2011:  Naples, Florida

Conference Program 



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November 16 Proceedings

Bud Weinstein:  Anticipating a Decade of Sluggish Economic Growth - Implicatons for Printing and Publishing 

Sharon Owens:  U.S.Postal Consumer and Industry Affairs.  Focusing Forward - Keeping Up with the Evolving Needs of Our Customers 

Rishi Dave:  Content Strategy in the Social Era  

Donna Harman:  Sustainability of Publication Paper  

Monica Garvey:  Highlights of the 2011 GAA Environmental Workshop 

November 17 Proceedings

Marcus Chung:  Supply Chain Social Responsibility at Talbots 

Yalmaz Siddiqui:  Office Depot Sustainability & Social Responsibility - Now & In the Future   

Leo Raudys:  Best Buy Closing the Loop in the Products Life Cycle - Electronics Recycling 

Matt Huber:  A Premedia Retrospective - Looking 25 Years into the Rearview Mirror  

John Maine:  RISI Global Outlook for Printing and Writing Paper Markets 

November 18 Proceedings

Tom Carroll:  Change Leadership a Catalyst for Innovation