Graduate Comments

"Always professional and sensitive to building relationships on the shop floor, JD has helped us identify improvement opportunities in maintaining our equipment as well as management of the entire process. My exposure to JD's knowledge and expertise came from attending his Basic & Advanced Gravure Seminars which then led to partnering with JD for further in-house training. Having JD come into our plant to conduct specialized Gravure Training was a beneficial step in getting our process under control. Reinforcing what many of our experienced Pressmen already knew and providing the details necessary to get our more junior Pressmen up to speed, JD’s enthusiasm and dedication to sharing his knowledge on Gravure Printing is second to NONE!"
Ben Lyle, Process Improvement & Pre-Press Manager, Sonoco

"Last year I was given the opportunity to attend the Basic and Advanced Gravure Seminar as well as the onsite GAA Press Operator Certification program. Having 12 years of printing and laminating experience, the new information and skills I learned are invaluable. This training is a must for anyone starting out in the printing industry or seasoned individuals. There is something to be taken from this experience no matter what position you currently hold. Our instructor “JD” is very knowledgeable of the printing process and takes his time delivering the detailed information in depth. He ensures you have a complete understanding of a specific topic before moving on. I personally feel that one of the most difficult challenges when leaning new information is how technical it can be. JD has this ability to break it down and clearly communicate this complex information into a language that anyone can understand. The onsite training is given as it relates to your process. The GAA put a very valuable course together that I would recommend to anyone looking to learn a new skill or refresh current ones."
Michael Higgins, Fres-co System USA, Inc.

"This was our first time having JD on-site to conduct operator certifications. All of the participants valued being able to interact with him throughout the course and appreciated his extensive gravure knowledge and experiences he brought with him. JD’s ability to tailor the program to our specific needs and processes makes the on-site option second to none."
Don Romig – Fres-co System USA. Inc.

"This class was very informative and also really generated some second level thinking that can be applied in our everyday process here at Fres-co. J.D. was an excellent instructor and I learned a lot from him. Thank you once again for selecting me to go through this class and have the opportunity to continue to learn."
Rob Moyer, Fres-co System USA, Inc.

"The on-site version of the GAA Operator Certification was excellent. The amount of information covered was very comprehensive. The class was well balanced with topics and having the ability to tour the facility and presses adds additional support and learning options to students. Everyone that went through the course learned about the process, the industry, the best practices, and had a great time! JD does an excellent job connecting with people and teaching complex processes and techniques. We will continue this program in the future."
Rod Sosa, Fres-co System USA, Inc.

"I have been in the Flexible Packing Field for 25+ years & have been involved in all aspects of the business. I recently was promoted to Printing Manager and completed the course to strengthen my skills and knowledge of gravure printing. The course was both educational and challenging. It was definitely worth the investment of time! I now have a broader understanding of gravure printing & all the technical aspects that are involved in running a gravure printing press. I would highly recommend this course!"
Ronald Kaiser, Sonoco Flexible Packaging