Operator Certification

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GAA Press Operator Certification Program is the first nationally recognized gravure press operator skill certification training course.

Having certified press operators in your organization demonstrates to your customers and employees the level of commitment your company places on ensuring excellent manufacturing practices to produce the highest quality printing. The significance you attach to guarantee these manufacturing and quality practices exist in the operation is a definite employee morale booster and it is an excellent method to evaluate, recognize, retain, reward, and advance talent. Certified press operators will help increase quality, reduce press downtime, increase productivity and factor heavily in your efforts to reduce total systems cost in the operation. We believe that is a very powerful sales tool.

There are currently nine modules completed. These initial courses cover:

  • Pressroom Safety
  • The Impression Roll
  • Doctor Blades
  • Cylinders
  • Inks
  • Color Theory for Press Operators
  • Pressroom Troubleshooting
  • Gravure Press Fingerprinting
  • Gravure Press Dryers

Operator CertificationWe anticipate that certification will provide a distinct competitive advantage to those companies that participate, and we want everyone to have an opportunity to get involved at its inception.

View a short program presentation that summarizes the Operator Certification Program content, training options, and the economics.

For general questions about the Operator Certification Program, or to register, contact Pamela Schenk - [email protected]
For technical questions regarding course content, contact JD Harris - [email protected]