Premedia Spectrum 2.0 Conference 2010

Premedia ConferencePremedia Spectrum 2.0 Conference January 18-20, 2010:  Naples, FL

Monday, January 18th Learning Labs

Peter Muir: Making Sense of Social Media pdf
Dianne Kennedy: XML, PRISM & Asset Management pdf

Tuesday, January 19th


Nick Patrissi: Future of Print, Opportumities, GAA Initiatives pdf
Dianne Kennedy: eMedia and eTechnology, Changing the way you do business! pdf

Global Quality Color Management Panel

Matt Condon: Global Color Quality Management pdf
Sean Murphy: Global Quality Color Managemennt pdf
Jeff Bold: Commitment to Color The Role of the Printer pdf

Premedia Workflow Matrix Panel

Kelvin Jones: Yesterday; today; and toward the future pdf
Bonnie Newman: Premedia Workflow at Boston Apparel Group pdf
Michael Esposito: HFMUS Case Study pdf
Laura Capasso-Fiorenza: Premedia Transformation pdf
Dennis Davidson: QuadSystems: An External Perspective for Publishers pdf

Wednesday, January 20th

Integrating Brand Identity thru Social Networking

Nick Patrissi: Integrating Your Brand Identity Through Social Networking and Cross Platform Media pdf
Scott King: Social Media Communications Strategies and Applications pdf
Jennifer Vlahavas: Social Media Trends and Consumer Behavior pdf
Todd Clayton: Taming Social Media and theChatterBox Mission pdf
Laura Pinneke: Meredith and Social Media pdf
Pat McGrew: Printers AND Social MediapdfFor Video File Click Here
Social Media Tips pdf

Advertising Cross Media Panel

Joe Cha,Colleen Capola, Josh Courtney: Cross Media from the Agency Perspective pdf

Implementing New Technology Panel

Darren Cotch, Mike Austin, Katie Kelly-Landberg: Implementing New Technology to the Process pdf

Proofing Workflows and Challenges