Pressroom Technology Conference 2008

Pressroom Technology Conference Pressroom Technology Conference April 22-24, 2008:  Cincinnati,Ohio

Gravure: The Process of Choice

John Edwards: Moderator
David Haslam: Engraving
Damian Haddock: Premedia
Paul Lodewyck: Ink
Galen Killam: Paper, Film & Foil

Best Practices and Emerging Technologies

Press Utilization

Frank Passarelli
Kurt Kern
John Melotik
Gerd Koehler  

Cylinder & Sleeve Manufacturing

Ed Broadhurst
Terry Lindsey
Phil Pimlot

Trends in Packaging and Point of Purchase...Marketing Perspectives

Iain Pike
Dave Buehler
Alberto Garza

Publication Advertisement - Getting the Message Across...End User Perspectives:

Cathy Merolle
Dave Wolvek
Ken Kingston

Gravure Packaging Color Standards Committee Overview

Bob Chung

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Goals

Eric Ohls
Manuel Rivas